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Digital marketing doesn’t pertain to business and businesses alone; entertainment, sports, politics and social activism are also part of the areas impacted by digital marketing channels.

One cannot overemphasize the impact of digital marketing on information dissemination, it’s just not possible! Every day gives us an opportunity to get the best for our businesses.

As long as the old and young keep embracing technology, businesses with a 360° digital marketing strategy will continue to be the big earners. The real truth here is that with the various marketing features on various social media platforms things can only get better.

Away from the business perspective of digital marketing, let’s consider a few things businesses in Nigeria should learn from the recently concluded election. We look at things that were done by aspirants and how it impacted the outcome of the results.

#NigeriaDecides2019: 6 Digital Marketing Lessons for Nigerian Businesses

In this article, we are considering how the major actors used various social media platforms namely; Facebook, Twitter, and Campaign website for their cause.


When pitching your allegiance to any candidate, you do that because their vision aligns with yours, or they have a manifesto that will help in providing what your needs are. It’s a decision based on personal conviction.

Candidates of the various political parties used social media channels like Twitter and Facebook to share what their plans are for the people they want to represent or lead. And of course, they got some very impressive follow backs, retweets and shares on their posts. This goes to show that their followers agree with their post.

Relating this to your business, when strategizing on your next marketing campaign, you should take note and identify what your customers needs are. You should know that it’s easy for customers to try other competitors if your product or services cannot adequately meet their needs.

Listen to what your customers are saying, provide a feedback mechanism for your business, and find a way to always know what your customers think.

You can come up with an after-sales survey to get feedback, it’s good for you!

If you receive a thumb up after a service, it’s an opportunity to get better at it, and if not, do well to express your sincere disappointment at not meeting your customers’ needs.

However be careful when you are making a promise to your customers, make sure it’s something your business can afford.


There have been cases where political party faithful misunderstood information passed by their party on social media. These have led to some people decamping from their political party to other parties.

In other cases, this has led to an internal crisis, and when there is a crisis within a party, a lot are bound to happen. You find people leaving, with other parties lurking ready to accept them especially if the person decamping, is a big-wig.

Relating this to your business, you don’t want your biggest client/customer leaving you for your fiercest competitor. When using your social media channels, ensure that you pass the right information.

Information on new prices, special promo/offers and other brand-related messages should be formal enough for everyone to understand. Even to those visiting your social media handle for the first time!

Whether you are sharing a picture/image or video on your website and social media handles, make sure the contents does not mislead your customers.


If you have been following the trends on social media prior to the elections and even after the election, you can see that there are peculiar hashtags used by candidates of various political parties.

It was done to ensure that users can follow trends as it relates to them and their party manifesto. The hashtags of #Atikulated and #NextLevel will readily come to mind when talking about Nigeria’s general elections.

In relation to your business, you need to create a unique hashtag for your brand, one that will be easy for people to relate with. We have successfully implemented this strategy for our clients over the years, some of them are;

Except for times when you want to have a product launch or introduce a special offer, you should have unique hashtags so that Twitter, Instagram and Facebook users can follow all your trends.


Electronics mail marketing is one digital marketing tool that has not been well utilized by businesses. Only a handful of candidates were able to leverage the tool.

The idea behind the E-mail marketing is to drive traffic to a landing page or a website. With emails, you show mail recipients the glimpse of the information you are sharing, while they click on a link to access the full details, usually on the website or designed landing page.

In using this tool, you need to make sure the emails are short and simple.  It isn’t a bad idea including pictures and links to a video in your mail. Just make sure the content is good.

If you like to use email marketing and don’t know how to go about it, feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help.


Text messaging today is one of the fastest ways to pass information. It’s a good messaging tool that can be used to lend a shout out where there is a lot of traffic.  The personification of a text message is one feature that many have come to like.

In the course of campaigns by candidates, some smart digital strategist has helped them pass information about their manifesto through text messaging.

You can pass information via text messages to thousands of people at the click of a button.

As a business, you need to first of all get the data of your customers, so that you (your business) can always be on their mind. You need to make yourself the go-to person for their needs.

A structured time table for sending your text messages is also important so that your customers won’t mark your messages as spam. The message should be sent only when necessary.


Advertising on Google is another lesson businesses should also learn. Candidate of parties resorted to advertising on Google to create awareness and visibility.

Google ads usually come out in form of slides or gif images on websites, blog and mobile app. The advert pops up on the phone or pc from time to time. The adverts are usually targeted at specific audiences.

If you choose to advertise with Google, make sure you have a target audience in mind, clear message and a generous budget.


It’s not enough to wish for increased sales, brand visibility or customer loyalty. There is the part of ‘working’.

You need to take active steps. The digital marketing space is there for the taking, and it’s up to you to take advantage of this service.

We have highlighted 6 digital lessons from Nigeria’s just concluded general elections you can adopt to sell your product and services online.

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