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Beauty + Functionality

With us, your website will not only LOOK finer, but will also WORK smarter!


To DIFFERENTIATE online, you need an UNUSUAL website that STANDS OUT from the competition. On the internet, you don’t have a second chance to make a good impression because the quality of what you are selling is judged by the beauty of your website. Our unusual web designs are creatively crafted to reflect your brand, set you apart from the competition and captivate your target audience.

We will help you craft a BEAUTIFUL website;

That will make you look good in front of your target customers, competitors and partner
That you can proudly show off to your employees, family and friends!


Without purpose, design is useless. For any tool, including a marketing tool like your website to be effective, design [visual appeal] must follow purpose [functional appeal]. Therefore, the design of your site will be based on the purpose of performing two specific functions –attracting and converting traffic [visitors] into sales [profitable customers]. We are not going to just work on how your site will look; we will also work on how it works.

We will help you craft a FUNCTIONAL website;

That will attract traffic – your target customers
That will convert traffic – sales

Why DESIGN Matters



Your website needs to be unique and not look like that of others. This is important in order to maintain brand consistency.


you are creating a website to generate leads and not to turn off visitors. A user-friendly site helps you retain visitors longer on your site ultimately increasing your lead generation.


Use your website to engage your customers as part of your customer service strategy through instant chat, enquiry forms, surveys, articles, FAQs, forum, etc.


there are more ways for people to access the internet beyond a PC or laptop. Your website needs to be designed for mobile devices too, the smart phones and tablets.


a good looking site that cannot be found on search engines is a waste of creativity.

Scope of Work