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Help! My Emails Are NOT Converting

In our previous article, we introduced you to Email Marketing. In it, we talked about what email marketing is all about, why it is very important to your business success, and how to do it so that your email can sell.

But if after all said and done and your emails are not converting, they are not bringing in the sales as they should, then you must be doing it wrongly.

So, what’s it that you’re doing wrong and why are your emails failing to convert?

Let’s find out. Shall we?

9 Reasons Why Your Emails Don’t Sell

  1. You don’t have a strategy

There is a saying that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Not having a plan on how to effectively run a perfect email that sells is the first thing you’re doing wrong. You see, email marketing has lots of moving parts, and without a strategy in place, it will be difficult to actually succeed at it. However, it is never too late to get back to the drawing board and put up a strategic plan with the specific outcomes you want to achieve.

  1. You don’t have profile of your ideal subscriber

This is another thing you are doing wrong. Listen, you can’t just wake up and decide to run email marketing without knowing who your target subscriber is. When you don’t have a clue who your subscriber is, where he or she is in your subscriber’s journey, of course, there is no way your email can sell. And there is no way you can get repeat sales and re-engage your cold subscriber. Therefore, knowing your subscribers is of paramount importance if you need your email to convert. And note that, in some cases, you might have to profile (know) more than one subscribers based on their interest or your offer.

  1. You don’t talk to ONE person

Now, because you don’t have a profile of your ideal subscriber, you end up talking to many persons rather than one person. You don’t personalize it. You make it too formal and not casual. Sadly, you write your email as if it is a formal letter. You’ve got to adhere to this rule: Write like you’re talking to one person. Make your emails very personal. Just like you would talk to your friend. I repeat: casual and not formal.

  1. You don’t always hit the emotional button

If your email does not trigger your subscriber to take action, or always hitting at her emotional button, I’m sorry, your email can not sell. Although, there are close to 30 or more emotions you can hit your subscribers with. You’ve got to hit them hard at it. And ensure that each email should hit a different emotion when writing your emails.

  1. You don’t tell stories

People love stories. They remember stories. They believe stories. And your subscribers are not excluded. If you fail to take them on an adventure with your emails, they will not stick around to buy whatever you’re selling. So, make your emails look like gist and gossip, you’ll not only build a deeper connection but a conversion with your subscriber.

  1. You don’t segment your list

Get this: segmentation is an important element in email marketing. It has to do with customize email targeted at each subscriber’s interest. If you fail at this, then you must be sending the wrong email to the wrong subscriber. Consequently, your email will never convert. Therefore, segment your list. It will help you send the correct email to the correct subscriber and become a good source of data for you to use.

  1. You don’t reward them

Believe it or not: humans are selfish by nature. There is no way you can ask them for a favor (response) online without a gift (reward) attached to it. So if you want your subscriber to take action, for example, fill out a survey, and no reward system is in place, there is no way you can convert her (when the right time comes). You’ve got to have a reward system in place. Give them gifts and always appeal to your subscribers’ interest.

8. You don’t sell (anything)

It’s never a bad idea to insert a pitch in your email. Never! Be it product or service or whatever it is you have to sell, ensure that your emails are selling it. In fact, isn’t that not among others, the essence of your email marketing – to sell to your subscribers? Of course, it is. So sell!

  1. You don’t outsource (to professional)

That’s true. You don’t hire professional. You try to do it yourself. And when you try to do it yourself without the help of an email marketing professional, this is what you get: emails that don’t sell. Therefore, if you understand that you don’t have the skill- or tool-sets needed to deploy a perfect email marketing, then outsource and hire a professional who can. Otherwise, doing it yourself will enable you have emails that don’t convert.


There you have it, the help you need on why your email are not converting.

But, here is the bottom line…

A perfect email marketing program can consistently generate return on investment than any other marketing activity. And it’s sad that most businesses are doing it wrong or ignoring it completely.

However, email marketing requires careful planning and execution. It is most effective when executed with other digital marketing tactics such as content marketing.

Although, it may take a while to master and make the above wrongs right, but the effort is worth it. Email marketing (if well executed) will convert.

If there happens to be a need for more help, click on the link below and let’s assist in strategically execute your email marketing that sells!

Ifeanyi Okolo

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