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360° Digital Marketing Strategy That Works!

Differentiate Online™ is Nigeria’s 1st complete 360° digital marketing solution for smart businesses. It was created to help smart businesses [big and small] leverage on the ever increasing reach of the internet to market their products/services profitably. It is a combination of services, products, and education.

Differentiate Online™ is how smart businesses solve 4 critical problems essential to their survival and growth.


How do we FIND potential customers?
How do we ATTRACT them to checkout our products/services?
How do we CONVERT them from prospects into profitable customers?
How do we RETAIN them to ensure a long term win-win relationship?

Differentiate Online™ is the answer to these 4 critical questions.

It’s about using the internet to grow your business by making your company and the products/services you sell VISIBLE to your target market. It’s about using the internet as a 360° marketing channel that helps you find, attract, convert and retain profitable customers.

In the past, marketing was done through the use of traditional media such as TV, Radio, Billboards, Flyers, Newspapers, Yellow Pages, Posters, etc.
Today, we live in the digital age and it’s no longer competitive for businesses to rely on traditional media only for their marketing. It’s no longer a rumour but now a fact; your target customers are online, are you?

Here are the STATS!

Nigeria ranks #8 in the world’s top internet users
Nigeria ranks #1 in Africa’s top internet users
74 million+ Nigerians are online (2014 Stats) in a country of 170 million+ people
255% increase in Nigeria’s internet user penetration (2007 – 2014) from 9 million to 74 million
11 million+ active facebook users in Nigeria as of Jan 2014
114 million+ active mobile phone subscribers as of Jan 2014

Despite these growing trends, not many businesses are taking advantage of the internet to find, attract, convert and retain customers. Only the smart ones are strategically integrating internet marketing to complement their other forms of traditional marketing. If you are one of such smart businesses, differentiate online was created to help you make the leap!