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The idea behind everything you see online is to generate some kind of response or awareness, also called engagement in the ‘digital space’. More than 1.3 Million marketing content is shared online daily; of all these millions of content how then can you get the traction you are anticipating for your content?

Contents come in different formats, as shared in our previous article where we listed 45 content marketing formats. One of the content formats mentioned was the infographics and in this article, we will share the salient benefit of using the infographics for content marketing.

When sharing contents online you must be able to identify what works for your audience, determining this will help you determine the best content format to use.

The benefit of infographics cuts across various audiences, trust this is going to be a good read for you.

  1. Infographics Simplifies Complex Subject Matters

More than 65% of the world’s population is made up of visual learners, partly due to the advancement in technology. You can basically get all the information you want with one click – information is everywhere.

When complex subject matters and data are presented in raw form, they can be hard to deliver and understand. But when they are condensed and depicted graphically, they can become much easier to understand.

It’s very challenging introducing or pitching a new product or concept to people who are not familiar with some technical terms. You will have to spend a chunk of your time for presentation answering the same question in many ways, because your audience wouldn’t get it easily.

Infographics break the complex subject into bits, one that your audience can quickly understand. It makes your audience more attentive, you can’t go wrong with well-designed infographics.

  1. Infographics Are Easy To Recall

Like pictures, infographics can also leave a lasting memory. It will be harder to remember every detail of a presentation if it’s just text; say a 10-page text, as opposed to infographics of one or two slides. It is easier to remember when it is explained with some graphical representation.

The nature of the human brain makes this format a particularly good one. The eyes are arguably the strongest of the entire sensory organ with 90% of the information that comes to the brain from the eyes.

You can easily tell if you have seen an image before, especially if the image was attractive or catches your attention. What you need to do if you want to use this format is simply make it attractive enough for people to recall when asked.

  1. Help Retain Attention

When presenting an opportunity or offer to your audience, you must ensure that you get their attention, because really, you need an audience to present a product or service to.

How then do you get and retain the attention of your audience or the people you are looking to sell to? The answer to this question simply lies in the way you package your presentation. A well-designed infographics helps to retain the attention of your audience.

There is always an intriguing end to infographics, 8 out of 10 persons; check contents represented with an infographics, from the beginning of the design to the last statement. When presentations are made with text alone, your audience could easily get bored and distracted.

If you are looking to make your business pitch or proposals on what will captivate the attention of your prospective investors or sponsors, then you should think of going the infographics way.

However, do well to consult a professional to help or guide you through the process, a ‘difficult to understand’ infographics can be a big turn-off for your audience, be guided!

  1. Viral Capability

If you are looking to make your posts go viral, or you looking to get more call backs from your adverts, then you should consider using the infographics.

The infographics are sharable, and really can be easily downloaded. The infographics can help you address some sales and marketing factor; – information, education, attraction, fascinating – all these are the things that make your audience relate with you.

Social media is also a big factor when we consider information going viral. Your design has the potential to reach millions of users, for this to happen your message should be able to generate enough engagement.

Make your information, simple, clear, attractive, convincing and beneficial otherwise you will not get the result you are anticipating.

  1. Good for Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are basically the gateway to every information shared online, search engines like Wiki.com, Google.com and Bing.com are arguably the most used in the world.

It is only logical to make sure you are visible on these search engines. Sharing text online is good but when you combine a graphics and text, it helps you reach a larger audience. Most importantly you become visible on search engines, when people are going through the photo tab of the search engine result they can easily find your infographics.

An SEO expert can help you position your infographics for a better search engine ranking, if you need more information on Search Engine Optimization, you should contact us.

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Action point

Infographics is one content marketing format that is underutilized; this article is simply to help you see the value in this format.

When you make your presentations through an infographics, you’re not only positioning yourself as the expert, you’re also building your brand’s credibility. However, I have seen many people shy away from this content format because of the level of work required to create a compelling infographics; but from the mentioned benefits, I want to believe it’s going to give you reasons to consider it.

Infographics are good for marketing and educating audience/customers. The unique benefits of this format is that your readers will appreciate your style of educating because it’s really not common in this side of the world. They trust you as the expert next time the subject comes up.

Should you require the service of an infographics expert to interpret complex topic or ideas, contact us; also, share your thoughts with us, we like to hear from you, please, use the comment section below.

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