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How interested and strategic are you in building and growing your brand online?

In fact, do you have a 360° online presence for your brand or business?

Smart businesses today have some form of online presence [a website, a facebook page, a Twitter account]. This is because they know they need to be online in order to expand their brand or business visibility.

And those who have created a 360° online presence for their brand or business had it created with no other strategy than 360° digital marketing.

What does this mean?

This means that whether you implement it or not, 360° digital marketing is a necessity and has come to stay. Why? Because, it has become an important strategic marketing function for your business’ sustainability in this digital era.

At Differentiate Online™, we’ve been using our 360° Digital Marketing Solution Framework to create a 360° online presence for our clients. Despite the outstanding results we’ve helped to achieve for these businesses, most business owners are still reluctant about creating a 360° online presence for their brand.

This is because they fail to see HOW important it is and the 5 Powerful Ways it can help to expand [build and grow] their brand or business online.

What are these 5 powerful ways you can build your brand with 360° digital marketing?

Here they are:

  • Brand Identity — the representation of your brand’s reputation [uniqueness and usefulness];
  • Brand Visiblity — the searchability and availability of your brand to your target customers 24/7;
  • Brand Credibility — the believability of your brand to continuously deliver what has been promised;
  • Brand Authority — the recognizability of your brand as a thought leader in your niche or industry; and
  • Brand Profitability — the increase in revenue as a result of turning visitors into customers.

Therefore, the essence of this post is to discuss the 5 powerful ways 360° digital marketing can help build your brand online.

Let’s begin!

5 Powerful Ways to Build Your Brand with 360° Digital Marketing

If you are interested in building your brand online (and who isn’t at this point), you need a 360° digital marketing strategy. Those who’ve created a 360° Online Presence™ are reaping the returns as discussed below.


Brand identity has to do with the representation of your company’s reputation. This includes what your brand says, what its values are, how you communicate its concepts, and which emotions you want your customers to feel when they interact with your brand.

Creating a 360° online presence™ with design [to stand you out] and content strategy [to tell a compelling story about your business] help build your brand identity. This helps to communicate your company’s personality and its product value to your potential customers while building your brand recognition and loyalty in your industry.


Brand visibility consists of placing your brand in front of your target customer when they are searching to buy from you. This also includes grabbing their attention and persuading them to consider you over your competition.

Implementing and integrating a 360° digital marketing strategy into your business with traffic strategy [to be searchable and available online 24/7] will help to build your brand’s visibility. This ensures that your target customers can look you up whenever and wherever they consider buying from you over your competition.


Brand credibility has to do with the believability of the product information contained in your brand, that requires your target customer to perceive your brand to have the ability (i.e., expertise) and credibility (i.e., trustworthiness) to continuously deliver what has been promised.

This can be achieved by implementing a 360° digital marketing strategy into your business using design strategy [that stands you out in your niche] and content strategy [that communicates the uniqueness and usefulness of your brand]. The combination of a design and content strategy will enable your target customers to trust that your brand will continuously deliver what has been promised to them.


Brand authority describes the expert status of your brand. This is the overall perception attributed to your brand as a thought leader in your industry as a result of your expert knowledge.

The implementation of a 360° digital marketing strategy into your business through the creation of valuable web content is how to establish your brand as an authority in your industry. This further enables your target customers to know, like and trust your brand more.


Brand profitability comes to play after you’ve established your brand identity, visiblity, credibility, and authority. And it has to do with an increase in revenue as a result of more sales generated from your online leads.

Building your business online with 360° digital marketing through the implementation of traffic strategy [to drive the right visitors to your website] and conversion strategy [to turn visitors into customers] will increase your business’s profitability.

What Next?

Are you interested in growing your brand online?

Or would you like to create a 360° Online Presence for your business to grow your brand identity, visibility, credibility, authority and profitability online?

If yes, click here to get started and create a 360° Online Presence to build and grow your brand or business online now!

Ifeanyi Okolo

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