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Capture + Nurture

With us, your website will not only CAPTURE targeted leads [visitors], but will also CONVERT them into paying customers [sales]!


To DIFFERENTIATE online, your website must be able to turn TRAFFIC [visitors] into SALES [customers]. What good is a website if no one BUYS? The whole essence of internet marketing is to make more sales. But on the internet, sales are not made in an instant.

Sales are made by capturing leads, following up on those leads and getting them to know, like and trust your brand. So your website needs a sales funnel to enable it convert visitors [traffic] into prospects [leads] and systematically process them into sales [customers].

Conversion is our process of taking your target customers as they visit your website through a sales funnel. An effective lead generation system is the first part of your sales funnel.

Without it, your website won’t be able to capture her visitors as prospects into your sales funnel!


It’s not enough to capture the visitors your website attracts as prospects for your sales funnel, they have to be nurtured. So you need an effective follow-up system using email marketing. This is the second part of your sales funnel.

Email and SMS marketing is how we systematically nurture [follow-up] every prospect [leads] in your sales funnel to convert them into customers [sales]. We engage them through their inbox by periodically creating and sharing;

VALUABLE INFORMATION educating them about the uniqueness and usefulness of your products/services.

SPECIAL OFFERS prompting them to buy your products/services at exclusive discounts.

An effective follow-up system is the engine that drives your entire online marketing strategy!




an increase in revenue as a result of more sales generated from online leads.


the website will serve as a sales funnel that captures and processes potential leads into eventual clients.


making the company’s website capable of communicating special service/product offerings to potential customers.


the website will serve as a tool for capturing potential customers’ information for effective follow up.


creating an emotional attachment to the brand from a specific segment of the market through strategic content marketing.

Scope of Work