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Digital marketing is everything you do to ensure that your brand is visible online. Sharing content on social media, emails, text messaging, and article writing to promote brands are some of the things that make up digital marketing.

Millions of marketing contents are shared daily; the frequency, at which these contents are posted on social media particularly, is seen by many as the best way to reach their target audience. They believe the more frequent you post or share content, the better the chances of attracting their audience.

This assumption is incorrect considering the number of people that are active on social media. A 360o digital marketing is all-inclusive; it’s one that helps you to have a more personalized brand, a bespoke audience and authenticity. Even though we live in a digital age, consumers/audience want to feel valued, they want to have a one-one relationship with your brand.

A recent finding shows that more than 5,000 Ads are seen across various social media daily. In this article, I am going to share with you reasons why digital marketing should be more about quality rather than quantity. Here are ways your brand can benefit from the quality of content over quantity.

Quality Digital Marketing Generates More Engagement

Social media itself is a platform for social interaction, and if your content is not good enough to drive engagement with your audience, then it has lost its primary purpose. You must take time to know and understand your audience; this will help you to know the kind of content you are going to be sharing.

What happens when you base your digital marketing on quantity?

What normally happens with quantity-based marketing is that you generalize the audience, and assume the content we are sharing would be beneficial to everyone regardless of the age, sex, relevance and demographics.

Action plan

Social media is about building relationships and fostering trust. If you consistently give your audience what they want to see, your audience will keep growing and they will trust you. Giving what your audience wants is what makes your digital marketing an effective one.

Quality-Based Digital Marketing Prevents Content Bombing

Let your audience do the talking, quantity-based marketing will do the opposite, you should avoid the temptation of doing all the talking online. Instead, make your brand available for your audience to interact with.

Your social platform shouldn’t look like its screaming for attention, having windows popping up for your audience to subscribe to your newsletter on regular bases can be annoying. Keep your websites and social media pages simple, make it easy to understand.

Don’t content bomb; that is don’t throw content at them because you have enough. Instead break them down into tiny bits, get to the point and end your contents with a strong call-back.

Quality Breeds Trust

Trust is one of the most important aspects of online business – sharing original contents will give you that! You cannot build trust when you share contents that are not yours even if they look so good to the eye.

Content is king, but it has to be original! Sharing original contents help you rank higher in search engines. If you flood your timelines with too many posts, you might likely run out of steam – you will have to copy other people’s content for your marketing campaigns.

Avoid going the ‘copy and paste’ route, engage a content developer to help you come up with contents you can use on your social platforms. Let your audience see you as the go-to brand for anything relating to your kind of business.

Online marketing is as competitive as other types of marketing; I understand you can be bothered by the frequency of posts shared by competitors on social media. But original contents can do 10 times of what a copied content can do; you just need to be more creative. Get the service of a content developer or copywriter if you want to get the best from social media.

Online visitors are easily bored – they want to be understood

I would always recommend you don’t allow your timeline devoid of interactive contents because your audience can get bored easily if they can’t relate to your contents.

In order to have a growing and sustainable audience you should devise a long term and short term social media marketing plan. The frequency of your postings must be properly planned, even if you will have to post every day you must ensure there’s a little bit of flexibility in your postings. You can’t keep serving your audience the same kind of content, because too much of everything can be tiring!

Final Words

360o digital marketing is less focused on competition and more on consumers’ perception; being able to understand your customer will help design bespoke contents. Regardless of what you sell online, if you are not addressing the needs of your audience/customers, it’s only a matter of time you will lose some!

Targeting audience based on certain interests and demography offers greater value as opposed to targeting a majority of persons who might not be interested in what you do. If you have been generalizing your content before now, I hope this article has helped you realized the immense benefit of quality over quantity.

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Tito Philips, Jnr.

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