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360° Digital Marketing Master Class

Learn the principles and skills of 360° digital marketing strategy and execution

The world has become a global village since the advent of the internet. The physical barriers have been broken down by the digital freedom of the internet. The world is no longer ONE as we used to know it, but has become TWO a physical world called ‘offline‘ and a digital world called ‘online‘.

Everything that happens in the physical world has a digital form. Consider the following;

  • We now have online (digital) friends: relationships are initiated, sustained and translated into offline (physical) friendships.
  • We now have online (digital) markets: products/services are created, distributed and delivered through the internet for offline (physical) consumption.
  • We now have online (digital) currencies: legal tenders that are used to facilitate commerce on the internet and converted to offline (physical) money spent in the real world.

The list is practically endless. The point is very clear; you can no longer exist in ONE world and expect to succeed. Success in this era comes to those who play in both worlds — online and offline!

Learning Objectives

Differentiate Online™ training is about making the transition online and the integration of both worlds to create a system that generates a consistent flow of profitable customers for your organization. As a company, you can’t afford to lose out in either world. Your success depends on both!

At the end of the training, participants will be able to;

  • Understand the 4 critical elements of a successful 360° digital marketing strategy.
  • Create a 360° digital marketing strategy and successfully implement it.
  • Successfully manage the social media accounts of the company.
  • Create and launch a social media campaign to promote the company’s brands or products and services.
  • Start and manage a corporate blog for the company with weekly content publications.
  • Help the company to generate consistent leads and customers for her products and services.

Course Contents

  • Why digital marketing?
  • What is 360° digital marketing strategy?
  • The 4 essential elements of 360° digital marketing strategy
  • Why on the internet, Content is KING
  • Social media marketing 101
  • Facebook marketing
  • Instagram marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Content marketing (blogging) 101
  • Online advertisement 101
  • Email marketing 101
  • Whatsapp marketing 101

Participants – who should attend?

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • All marketing and sales people
  • Business development people
  • Professional service providers
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs and part-time business owners

Cost: N50,000 ( 5 days training )


The 5 Unique Advantages of Training With Us

The following are the 5 unique benefits you stand to gain by acquiring this training from us;

  • Training Certification + Recommendations

The skills and knowledge you acquire from this training will be validated with a certificate from us. Everyone does this right? So what makes ours special? Here it is; we will not only certify your training, you will also get Google Digital Skills certification from the knowledge acquired from our trainings. In addition, we will also recommend you to potential clients who come to us to help them recruit digital marketing experts to work with full time or part time.

  • 3 Months one-on-one Mentoring/Coaching

You will not only be trained and left hanging afterwards, no.  With us, we will stick with you for an additional 90 days after your training is completed offering one-on-one mentoring/coaching via email, phone calls, whatsapp, etc.

  • Practical Case Studies From Real Life Clients

Our trainings are beyond theories; we delve into practicals with real life client case studies and scenarios. Why? Because we are not just digital marketing trainers, we are practitioners ourselves. We are on the monthly payroll of clients who hire us to power their 360° online presence. Meaning during and after the training, you will have access to real life case studies and success stories.

  • Access to Internship Opportunities With Us

Learning without an opportunity to practice what you have learnt is one quick way to easily forget the training. From time to time, we offer internship opportunities to our training Alumni to give them room to practice what they have been taught in house.

  • Membership to Training Alumni Support Group on Facebook

There is massive power in collective learning especially when done in a training alumni support group. This is why we also created a facebook support for all our past students (alumni) to grow together and share ideas, best practices and challenges relating to 360° digital marketing.

Register Now! Limited space available.