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Educate + Influence

With us, your website will not only SPEAK the language of your target customers, but will also INFLUENCE them to buy!


To DIFFERENTIATE online, your website needs to tell a compelling STORY that captures the INTEREST and ATTENTION of your target audience by clearly addressing their needs and wants.

An effective website is a communication tool that is used to deliver a persuasive message about a specific thing [brand] in a persuasive manner to a specific audience [target market]. This is your overall brand story. What is the central theme, core message of your brand? The brand story is what will determine whether your target audience will be hooked to your brand or not.

Your website must be able to clearly articulate the benefits of doing business with you. We will review your entire company and the products/services you offer in order to clarify their uniqueness and help communicate their usefulness to your target audience through story-selling.


Your website is your office/shop online and the contents on it are your sales people. They have to be creatively crafted to help your target customers get one of the two things they are looking for online;

A solution to a problem they have but don’t want

A result they want but don’t currently have.


Copywriting is the professional skills we use to create those contents for your website. This is how we create a compelling story that will help to communicate the uniqueness and usefulness of your brand to your target customers. It is the creative use of words to get your target customers’ interest and attention in order to influence their buying decision. In other words, copywriting is writing crafted for marketing and sales purposes!

Why CONTENT Matters



the creative use of words to tell your brand story in a compelling manner using the keywords that addresses your target customer’s major problems and desired results.


creating a profitable niche for the brand by clarifying her uniqueness and communicating her usefulness.


an established difference in the marketplace communicated through the brand’s compelling value proposition.


an edge over existing competitions as a result of the brand’s differentiated offering.

Scope of Work