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Facebook Marketing is simply putting your brand in the faces of other Facebook users. Facebook.com is a social media platform that has over 2.38 Billion users in the world with Nigeria accounting for 17 Million of its users.

There are no signs that show these numbers will reduce as Facebook continues to make the platform more user-friendly. Features such as online games, pages, groups, Facebook manager have all endeared more people to sign up to Facebook.

When compared to other social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat, there are more Nigerians on Facebook. Hence businesses and individuals are leveraging on the over 17 Million Nigerians with a facebook account to sell and promote their brands.

To a large extent, some businesses and individuals have made the best use of facebook tools to reach their target market. In contrast, Facebook has also become a nightmare for others, partly because they don’t understand how the platform works in relation to the product and service they are selling.

Facebook Marketing: 7 Strategic Ways to Use Your Facebook Business Page

If you desire the best result for your social media promotion, then you must run it like a pro. Let’s consider the following 7 things you must do with your business page for Facebook marketing.

  1. Design Your Facebook Cover Image and Your “About” Sections

One of the very first things you must do when creating a Facebook business page is to upload your logo and an image for your page header.

Facebook allows you to skip this process or leave a facebook default image and logo which definitely will not be representing your business the way it should.

From the first day you create a facebook business page, your page becomes visible in search engines; meaning people start to see what you post or share. So, you have to make your page attractive enough and one with valuable content.

Your “About” section must be properly filled out too – this section is one of the most important sections of your Facebook business page (if not the most important). The about section is where you have to fill your address, phone, website and other information.

Write a compelling introductory message – one that will make visitors want to read every section of your page.

This practice also applies to a personal Facebook page or group; you shouldn’t confuse your audience with your content. Make your Facebook business page attractive and not too busy.

If you need help writing your business page bio and cover page design, contact someone who can help in this regard. Contact differentiate online, trust us to give you a really good one.

I always advise people who want to sell online to make sure they have their basic social media info ready before creating it. It helps to lay a strong marker for your social media going forward.

  1. Avoid a Silent Timeline

Facebook marketing requires commitment, once you stop; people are quick to turn their attention from you.

Design a well-structured posting schedule for your business; decide how many times of the week you want to share a post and other contents.

For a start, you can make one post a day. What happens when you do this is that you remain in front of your audience, and if your content is good enough, your audience is converted to your customer/client.

Provided you continue to shun out the kind of contents your audience wants to see, you will see more people following your page.

If you desire millions of followers, this is the way to go. It is impossible not to mention consistency in posting. If we are to put a flashlight on all the Nigerians who sell on facebook or other social media platform. Consistency and content are very important.

Another interesting feature of the Facebook business page is that you can schedule post – as many posts as possible, which will save you time.  Assume you want to travel and not sure of internet access and electricity for your daily post, you can schedule the post to go live when you want prior to the time you travel.

  1. Use Your Hashtags

If you have been using Facebook for 10 years, the sound of hashtags on Facebook could sound awkward.

People are more familiar with its use on Instagram and Twitter, in actual fact, hashtags also work on Facebook.

However, a recent study shows that posts without hashtags on Facebook actually do well when compared to the one without hashtags.

But wait! This doesn’t make hashtags useless on facebook, you must carefully choose your hashtags here, don’t bombard your timelines with hashtags when posting on Facebook.

Facebook also has a search engine, just type in the hashtag or keyword you will get the information you want

Now that you know that social media networks have now become search engines (and that using social media can boost search rank), think about that when creating posts and choosing hashtags. Facebook’s Graph Search will pull your content depending on the keywords or hashtags users are searching for.

Preferably, don’t use more than two hashtags in your Facebook posting, because if you do your post will have less engagement – which is why you are making your posts in the first place!

  1. Utilize Your Post Metrics

How do you know whether your audience is interacting with your postings? How do you measure results? The answer to the question can be found by using the ‘Facebook business page insight’ –  a tool used to measure the performance of your post.

On accessing this function, you get to see all the information on previous posts and how well it has done in reaching your audience. This tool basically keeps track of followers, likes, comments, reach and shares.

You can download Facebook Insights if you’re really into data (and excel) to create your own charts and pick out patterns and similarities.

Which of the key performance index should you track?

Personally, I keep track of everything – but the metrics I pay attention to are the likes, organic reach, engagements (comments, shares, likes and reactions), link clicks and call to action button clicks. I like taking a look at how everything correlates to each other – also see what time and day my post gets the most engagement.

  1. Design a Social Media Posting Calendar

Your Facebook page is an extension of your brand. Just as you would have taken your time to plan any other marketing initiatives, plan your Facebook posts and images as well.

Come up with a structured calendar for your posting, but you have to be strategic here. Your calendar should not be too rigid, get one that is flexible. Your audience can get bored with your page if you post the same content in the same way.

Test different caption lengths and visual content formats. Take your discoveries from diving into analytics and let them guide your upcoming posts.

I will always advise you to get someone who knows his or her way around facebook business page, at least for starters. Or better still get training from a practising digital marketing company. There are digital marketing trainings being held from time to time, you can follow differentiate online for updates on training opportunities.

  1. Activate your Call to Action and Messaging Buttons

Where can I find the call to action and messaging buttons? This was a question someone asked me some time ago. The call to action button is right there on your page. You can find it at the right-hand corner of the cover image.

These buttons are specifically kept there to make it easy for fans/followers to get in contact with your business using this call to action buttons and messaging.

Depending on the nature of your brand, the Call to action buttons include “call now”, “book now”, “use app”, “play game”, “shop now”, “sign up”, and “watch video”.

You can as well edit the text in your call to action button just in case the default word doesn’t seem catchy enough for your brand.

To set up your call to action button, navigate to your cover image and click on “Add Button” – depending on which call to action you choose you’ll get instructions on how to set it up.

One last thing – be timely in your responses when you start getting enquiries – a good way to go is to set up an autoresponder. It will save you the time of response, because they won’t need to wait for hours or days.

  1. Host Watch Party (Live Video)

Facebook Live videos present a great opportunity to reach and interact with followers.

Once in a while you need to move away from the usual image and text posts; to get the best result with facebook live. You need to make your followers know you will be live on facebook some days or weeks before.

Videos on Facebook get a lot of interaction, and Live Videos even have their own map showing all the live broadcasts happening around the world at any given time, providing a big opportunity to get in front of people.

You need just one or two clicks to go Live on Facebook, click the red ‘Live’ button on your ‘Timeline’. It’s good you let your followers get to know your team and products. It even saves you money if you want to consider going on live television to showcase your product and services.

Action Point

There is no limit to what you can achieve with your Facebook business page, you just need to understand how it works, understand your audience and get your time for posting right.

I have mentioned 7 strategic ways to use your facebook business page. You should leverage on them if you want to get more followers and achieve a better result. Now that you know, you have no excuse than to use Facebook for your business.

Your graphics, logo design, social media calendar, company bio can all be handled by us. Contact us now!


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