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360° Social Media Marketing Masterclass


Learn the principles and skills of 360° social media marketing strategy and engagement

With the growing number of social media marketers today, how can you be unique in your sphere, either to build your personal business or help others build their businesses or to seek a career opportunity?

You will agree to the fact that your primary goal as a business owner is to increase your revenue which is also the goal of any business. This means that you must learn the conversion strategy and tactics of Social Media marketing.

The toughest part of social media is conversion, this is where the loopholes are seen, if you don’t get it right from your audience insight, you will know through your conversion rate. This is why our 360° will not only teach you to be a social media manager but train you to monetize every aspect of social media activities.

This is why we designed our Social Media Marketing course to be 100% practical, where participants can learn how to manage social platforms to boost any business online. We don’t just teach engagement, we teach conversion.

We don’t just teach you how to do it, we also watch you do it.

Sounds Interesting right?

Learning Objectives

Differentiate Online™ 360° Social Media Marketing course will provide you the complete understanding of social Media Marketing. It is designed for individuals who want to grow their personal or corporate brands online or build their career in Social Media Management. The course is a practical knowledge of principles and strategies that have been implemented for successful brands like; Jumia Market, Lekki Free Zone, Innoson Vehicles, Sheriff Deputies, Emilinks Doors, etc. In this course, you will learn Social Media Marketing from beginner’s level to advance.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to;

  • Understand everything about Social Media Marketing
  • Formulate social media strategy for any brand
  • Create highly optimized sponsored ads on all Social Media platforms
  • Understand how Algorithm works
  • Audit Social Media pages for brands
  • Use Social Media not just for marketing but for customer services & PR
  • Understand the logic behind Influencer Marketing
  • Monetize your skills and personal social media pages

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Choosing the right social media channels
  • Developing a Social Media Strategy
  • Principles and Strategies of Instagram Marketing
  • Principles and Strategies of Facebook Marketing
  • Principles and Strategies of Twitter Marketing
  • Principles and Strategies of Video marketing on Youtube
  • Principles and Strategies of B2B marketing on Linkedin
  • Creativity in Social Media Marketing
  • Introduction to social media audit
  • Measuring metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in social activities

Participants – who should attend?

  • Undergraduates/Fresh graduates/Youth Corpers/Employees
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Sales and marketing personnel
  • Business consultants and brand developers
  • Professional service providers (real estate, fashion designing, lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc).
  • MLM/Network marketing professionals
  • Creative people (writers, designers, programmers, speakers, musicians, artists, etc.)

Cost: N25,000 ( 2 days training )

Venue: 24, Kosoko Street, Ojodu, Berger, Lagos, Nigeria.



The following are the 5 unique benefits you stand to gain by acquiring this training from us;

  • Training Certification + Recommendations

The skills and knowledge you acquire from this training will be validated with a certificate from us. Everyone does this right? So what makes ours special? Here it is; we will not only certify your training, you will also get Google Digital Skills certification from the knowledge acquired from our trainings. In addition, we will also recommend you to potential clients who come to us to help them recruit digital marketing experts to work with full time or part time.

  • 3 Months one-on-one Mentoring/Coaching

You will not only be trained and left hanging afterwards, no.  With us, we will stick with you for an additional 90 days after your training is completed offering one-on-one mentoring/coaching via email, phone calls, whatsapp, etc.

  • Practical Case Studies From Real Life Clients

Our trainings are beyond theories; we delve into practicals with real life client case studies and scenarios. Why? Because we are not just digital marketing trainers, we are practitioners ourselves. We are on the monthly payroll of clients who hire us to power their 360° online presence. Meaning during and after the training, you will have access to real life case studies and success stories.

  • Access to Internship Opportunities

Learning without an opportunity to practice what you have learnt is one quick way to easily forget the training. From time to time, we offer internship opportunities to our training Alumni to give them room to practice what they have been taught in house.

  • Online Training Alumni Support Group on Facebook

There is massive power in collective learning especially when done in a training alumni support group. This is why we also created a facebook support for all our past students (alumni) to grow together and share ideas, best practices and challenges relating to 360° digital marketing.

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